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Trying to get a picture of Tristan’s new #tooth became my favorite picture of him. I #love his face! #pout #baby #teeth #crying #teething #tristan  (at Jeremy & Allison’s)

Trying to get a picture of Tristan’s new #tooth became my favorite picture of him. I #love his face! #pout #baby #teeth #crying #teething #tristan (at Jeremy & Allison’s)

I found your blog because I'm looking to gain insight into the business of death and was shocked when I read you were from Westfield. I'm from there too! So weird.

Well that’s freakin cool. I live in Va Beach now but try to get back to NJ every two months or so. I can help ya out with some questions but right now I’m taking the semester off because I couldn’t afford to go and I just had a baby. Hopefully will resume classes in the spring.

#Lego #funeraldirectors #toys #blocks #funeral #cremation #embalming #death #dead #cemetery #mortality #casket (Taken with Instagram)

#Lego #funeraldirectors #toys #blocks #funeral #cremation #embalming #death #dead #cemetery #mortality #casket (Taken with Instagram)

Oh hai!

 I am still alive.

 Got an A in Intro to Funeral Services and will probably get a C in Medical Terminology cuz that class suuuucks. There’s about a month left in the semester and I can’t wait for it to be over. I’m feeling strangely guilty about not taking a class or two over the summer. So much so that I’ve thought about doing it. But really, with my son due June 25, I can’t be going to class wondering if my water will break. Plus with my stepkids coming for the summer, I’ll be going from one kid (Nathaniel) to FOUR (Josh, Faith, Nathaniel & baby TJ). I might as well just take the break and enjoy it… if enjoying my stepkids is possible with the way they treat each other most of the time. My brother did get permission from the sheriff’s office in our county in NJ for me to see an autopsy should one happen when I happen to be in NJ. That will be a big help in terms of me being worried about handling the dirty stuff of mortuary science. 

 In other news, I want this kid out of me. My Mom told me she thinks I’m just not made to be pregnant with all the crap I go through and maybe she’s right. I was diagnosed last week with dehydration and honestly, I’m doing a bad job at fixing the problem. I need to drink water until I’m tired of drinking water. I need to keep this kid in me until at least Memorial Day and if I don’t start taking care of myself, I could wind up in preterm labor cuz there wouldn’t be enough amniotic fluid for the baby. We’ve finished Nate’s new room so the baby can just move into Nate’s room with the crib. We’ll see how that goes when the time comes. 

Completely unrelated to this blog’s theme but my Pinterest doesn’t work. It hasn’t since the day I joined. I can’t repin anything and if I see something on the main page I like and want to repin it I click the button and it just blinks. Can’t post to FB either. All these people add me there and I can’t do shit about it. I want to share stuff too and it just blows. Eff you Pinterest. I want to make the tiny cemetery and I can’t even show people.



 We have a great family photographer who takes amazing photos. I’m debating setting up a shoot for myself in a cemetery after my baby is born. I have always wanted black & white photos of me “in my element”… but the question is… is that cheesy? Are they the kinda photos other people will make fun of or think I’m REALLY creepy? How do you make them look tasteful and not like I’m some vampire wannabe?


 The semester has started and both online classes look to be challenging. I hope I do OK because I tend to learn better when an actual lecture is involved. It takes a lot of discipline to take a tough online class. 

 My son turns two on Feb 1 so I’ll be spending 10 days in NJ coming up soon. I’m excited because I haven’t been home since October.

 My pregnancy is going well. Hoping for another boy but thinking it’s a girl.  

I'm a 31 year old mom back in school to become a funeral director and embalmer. I thought it would be cool to say hello to a fellow student of mortuary science! HELLO!

Nice to meet you too! I’m going part time so its slow going and I am due with my second child in June so I’ll be taking next summer off. But I hope to be able to chronicle the “dirty work” eventually and how I do through it.

Fall semester results…

An A in Psych of Death & Dying and an A in Survey of Chemistry. The Chem grade blows my mind. But I have a nice GPA now. 

Next semester: Intro to Funeral Services and Medical Terminology. Both will be online because I’m pregnant.

I’m thinking…

…more and more that I want to get into cemetery management. I want to run the cemetery. It’s the basis of what got me into the deathcare industry as a future career and it’s what I love the most. Of course I will finish my program but maybe throw in a few business classes if I can? I just don’t know how to get my foot in the door.